Saturday, 11 December 2010

Tweet of the day - 11 Dec 2010

Actually two, the second correcting the first, from James Graham (who formerly ran the Quaequam blog) to Gaby Hinsliff (former political editor of The Observer) about half an hour ago as I write this. The original was:
"@gabyhinsliff A lot of that is prob because Clegg shits between claiming to prevent Tory cuts and being a true believer on an hourly basis."
A minute or so later he tweeted this correction:
"@gabyhinsliff Sorry, meant 'shifts'. Naughtie me."
The reference there is to James Naughtie who made an even worse slip-up on Radio 4 earlier in the week, when referring to Jeremy Hunt the Culture Secretary and getting his capital C and H transposed.

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