Thursday, 2 December 2010

We are the "Cam"-pions!

David Cameron has been to Zurich to promote England's bid to host the 2018 football World Cup. Now, I'm not a great footie fan, though I do take a passing interest, but I realise just how important this is at times such as this.

Inevitably the negative Labour folk are trying to abuse even this topic to attempt to attack David Cameron and the Conservatives. First, they try to suggest that Cam is "too posh" for footie, and as Guido points out are even denying that this is him at a match - but it could hardly be anyone else:

Yes, our Dave is just as much a fan of the so-called "beautiful game" as any of his critics (though how a game based on kicking, nutting and yelling in the mud can be considered in any way 'beautiful' escapes me), and those attacking him simply show up how desperate they are to gain traction for themselves. They certainly have nothing of value to contribute themselves.

Another attack has come from Ed Miliband's spokesperson Lady Myler - her rather nasty interpretation now apologised for. It all shows the same vile attitude, though, and it is worth filing it away in one's memory so that nothing they ever do in future lulls us into believing they have any morality at all. They haven't: the Lefties are all 'scum' (to use one of their own favourite words of criticism towards others) at heart, and always will be.

On the plus side, at least Iain Martin (Wall Street Journal, Europe) has an objective appraisal of the different bidding nations' presentations, judging Cameron's work as "a blinder" and the Russians' presentation as "not very good at all", citing the reasons.

UPDATE at 4 pm: our bid didn't succeed, but even lefties such as Kevin Maguire and Alistair Campbell acknowledge that David Cameron and the other 'big names' did a very good job, and they both seem to think that there is corruption in the FIFA set-up. I couldn't possibly comment, but as we received just two votes and went out in the first round it does smell somewhat fishy, and this exactly what Burning Our Money's 'Wat Tyler' suspected would happen, some three weeks ago.

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