Monday, 13 December 2010

Comment of the day - 13 Dec 2010

From Biased-BBC, on the student protest/riot and similar events, a comment by someone posting under the name 'London Calling':
"Every photo you look at a good proportion of the people in the pictures are photographers. At the time of G20 riots I recall there was one masked anarchist smashing a bank window surrounded by a circle of twenty or more photographers snapping away.

These are not run of the mill landscape or wedding portrait photographers doing a little diversifying. There is an industry of freelancers who specialise in urban disorder, who come from the same squat-ridden parts of East London. Pushing cameras into policemen's faces from within the rioting crowd for that 'attacked by the police' angle of view.

The media picture editors are a ready market for this, in the same way some solicitors attack the police through "lawfare", representing little Johnny who was hit on the head with a truncheon.

I'm not sure how much longer I can stomach anarchist rioters doing criminal-damage being described by lazy incompetent or malicious copy editors as 'tuition fees protestors'.
Those photographers and their buddies elsewhere in the big media are all complicit in the fraud that is this whole 'protest', which is being driven by self-confessed Communist outfits such as Workers Power and REVOLUTION Socialist Youth Movement. Those organisations' websites publicly show their true nature, which anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together will realise is society-wrecking Communist throughout. Like near-enough all the political left, it is entirely corrupt and seek to put its own agenda above the interests and well-being of anyone and everyone else.

It is high time something were done about all these subversives, decisively and permanently. They are the biggest threat to our country, which will never be safe until that is done. Freedom of speech and action is all very well, up to a point; but not when it gets in the way of others' equally-valuable freedoms!

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