Friday, 10 December 2010

The enemy at the door

...or in the street, or the workplace. This is about the new boss of that huge public sector union, Unite.

Len McCluskey is (predictably enough) an old-style Communist Socialist whose attitude is very much reminiscent of the Scargills of the past and the Crows of today, and all points in between. It is hardly surprising as Unite is probably the biggest and most useful tool of the lefty puppet-masters who are trying to bring down our once-great nation, so they'd make sure it was always run by their people, such as Derek Simpson who was joint General Secretary until recently.

Jonathon Isaby does a good job of introducing us to McCluskey, largely based around the new Gen Sec's own words. Notice in particular the effectively open admission that his aim is to use Unite and anyone else who will work with them as a political tool, obviously along with its million-plus members plus as many others as they can get to tag along.

This is being termed an "alliance of resistance", and clearly shows the true nature and intent of public sector Unions - which experience has shown is rarely if ever genuinely interested in its members' needs, only going as far as they need to in order not to lose membership (and the income and muscle-through-numbers that their members actually represent). I am aware of a number of situations where Unions have deliberately given advice to members that lost them their jobs, but furthered the Union's political agenda - which was obviously all that interested the Union.

Therefore none of what Mr Isaby shows us is really a surprise, but we needed to know of it definitively in order to stay sharp and not be misled by Unite or any other Union, especially those for areas of the public sector. I have a strong feeling this will become important as rioting becomes far more commonplace during the next few years.

Now that we have a fair measure of the National Union of Students senior figures' involvement in the violent protests (Tory Bear has listed some of them) we can see where things are going. Those around in the late 70s and during the 80s will already have spotted it, and those who are too young would do well to study those times in advance of a repeat of that shameful period in our relatively recent history.

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