Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Practising what you preach

Ed Miliband has, as expected tried to make some kind of impression by spouting off about one topic or another, especially Labour favourites such as the Minimum Wage.

Dizzy, ever the geek, has been watching what Ed Mili-supported projects are doing to lead the way by showing they are prepared to put their policies into practice internally. This would have shown that they were at least feasible.

Sadly it is not to be: the Labour Yes [to AV] Campaign is paying its staff well under the Miliband Minimum Wage (£5.83 per hour rather than the £7.60 Red wants); and Ed's pledge to pay interns that rate is rather blown out of the water with this tale of an expenses-and-lunch-allowance only intern post, again with Labour Yes.

Of course, Labour exempting themselves from their own rules is hardly new, and is a classic symptom of actual and would-be dictators the world over. It is yet another clue about Labour's real outlook and how they view the rest of us as their servants whom they rule as the self-appointed "elite". All of Labour has been like that ever since the Fabians (who are currently spinning furiously for 'Red Ed', I notice) turned the old, decent Labour movement into a Communist-style tool of their purpose many decades ago.

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