Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A tale of Dale

Once upon a time, when political blogging in Britain was in its infancy, one Iain Dale set up his Diary blog and made it work very well. It rightly earned a great deal of respect across the political spectrum, and he has been termed the father of political blogging in our nation, a well-deserved title.

With other projects coming and going, and an increasingly nasty streak appearing on some of the comment threads, Iain's emphasis has clearly been shifting towards his publishing business activities and radio broadcasting and also finding blogging less enjoyable in more recent times.

It perhaps ought therefore to come as no particular surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what Iain has been doing for the last year or so, that he is now giving up the political blogging, and (this is perhaps more surprising) also stopping party political activity.

Here is Iain's own post on today's decision, and here is a most appropriate (and short) post from Guido, which I also recommend reading.

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