Thursday, 23 December 2010

Red and Redder

A guest post from John Ward of Medway...

There is an important post for all Londoners, at CyberBoris, where AngelNeptuneStar has put together some hard facts that, when seen in that light, tell of much that those voting in the 2012 London mayoral election need to know.

Here are her three crucial facts about Ken Livingstone and his 'running mate' Val Shawcross, and I've also 'borrowed' her picture (Val is at the far left - where else?!) to illustrate the point:

  1. On 7 December Ken Livingstone selected Val Shawcross as his “Deputy Mayoral Running Mate” against Boris Johnson.
  2. Just eight days later on 15 December Val Shawcross was “caught on camera” picketing with Tube Unions the RMT and TSSA in support of the wave of tube strikes that have caused so much misery to Londoners.
  3. Until just days ago, Ken Livingstone ran his campaign to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London from the HQ of the Tube Union TSSA.
Do follow the link and keep reading what Angel has written, as it is now obvious what the plan is and why; and it certainly won't be fun for commuting Londoners next year!

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