Sunday, 5 December 2010

Labour leader odds

Yes, the bookies already have books on the next Labour party leader. Fraser Nelson has just tweeted Ladbroke's current odds thus:
  • 4/1 Yvette Cooper
  • 5/1 David Miliband
  • 10/1 Chuka Umunna (eh?)
  • 12/1 Ed Balls
  • 14/1 Jim Purnell
  • 14/1 Andy Burnham
  • 16/1 Alan Johnson
Note how low down the list Alan Johnson is.

They also have odds of 33% that Ed Miliband won't be Labour leader at the next election, though Danny 'The Fink' Finkelstein thinks "that is much too high". Presumably that means that he believes there is very little chance of Red being replaced by then.

Kevin Maguire on today's Politics Show indicated (twice) there is a lot of "disquiet" in the Labour party about Red Ed, but (as far as he knows) no plots - at least not yet (as he put it).

Just for your information.

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