Saturday, 4 December 2010

WikiLeaks on Labour

Although the media seem to have concentrated on the Wiki-Leaked documents' revelations regarding how Conservatives such as Cameron and Osborne were perceived by certain US officials, there has been comparatively little attention (that I can find) paid to the views concerning senior Labour figures.

Well, for the record, here are a few quick snippets of assessments by the London US Embassy, taken from the more detailed descriptions here:
  • Ed Balls - "Dull" and "Charmless"
  • Gordon Brown - "Abysmal"
  • Harriet Harman - "Lightweight"
  •  Damian McBride - "Particularly unpleasant"
  • David Miliband - "Egghead"
Well, as with most of what has come to light as being in the leaked documents, there's nothing surprising or that we didn't already know. The useful thing to know is that the Americans realised what we had already sussed out about these five individuals, and no doubt others as well.

By the way, there are some very telling comments to the source I linked to above; but do watch out for the obvious nonsense from one or two that thankfully other commenters there have easily demolished.

On a related topic: for those who are trying to access WkiLeaks and find that the site is unavailable, there is a list of mirror sites, links and suchlike, complete with links, here.

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