Thursday, 9 December 2010

Half-way house

My house is close to a borough boundary, with Herne Hill railway station (in the London Borough of Lambeth) at one end of Half Moon Lane and the road itself and East Dulwich station (at the other end of the Lane) in L.B. Lewisham. It isn't all that brilliant an area in some respects, but we do have good rail links - oh, and some decent local shops!

We "Half Mooners" as some of us call ourselves (it's not an official title!) can watch both councils at work and make comparisons. Unfortunately, they are both Labour-run councils so it isn't as illustrative as it might have been. Lewisham has some really tatty council waste wagons and I suppose that's the most visible manifestation of the run-down nature of Labour councils in general.

Anyway: this is just a brief post to indicate where I am and what I might be able to observe first-hand, limited though that obviously will be. Time will show whether I have anything specific worth reporting, or whether it will be more useful to keep to just my more generic, nationwide-issue commentary, as per my writings here to date.

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