Thursday, 2 December 2010

Warning! Guardian can harm your computer!

I have just conducted several tests, and each time I visit a Guardian web page I get the revsci tracking cookie, described as:
"an unwanted and unwelcome browser cookie that allows malicious websites to access your browser activity. is installed onto the system due to gambling and porn-related websites."
I then specifically delete the cookie and all is well. I then go back to The Guardian and check again, and there it is once more. I haven't done anything else in the meantime. I had been wondering for some time where it was coming from, and it now looks as though I have found the source. On the subject of the source, here's an extract from a typical web page on the site:

Well, there you have it: it's not just the 'left' with the Grauniad, it's what they've left on your computer...

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