Monday, 27 December 2010

Global Warping

It is good to see that the Warmists' deception, as an excuse to tax and dictate to us, is now becoming more evident.

Here is a pair of over-the-pole views of teh Arctic showing the situation today (on the right) and how it was twelve years ago, almost to the day, on the left. It is very clear that there is a far healthier ice-cap there now than there was back in 1998.

I suspect that the aerial/satellite views in, say, Google Earth/Google Maps would have shown this too, but - strangely - that part of the Earth has been cropped out of view (I've just checked). Still, what is shown does rather suggest that the Antarctic region is still very much frozen, and there hasn't been any sudden change in the north/south 'balance' of the world, so it seems reasonable to conclude that the University of Illinois' images as above aren't faulty or misleading.

So, the only question now remaining is: what do the Warmists do now that their whole argument (from this and a number of other pieces of evidence regarding just about all of their claims) can be conclusively demolished?

(Tip o' the hat to Old Rightie for the image.)

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