Saturday, 18 December 2010

Look in The Mirror

Following on from my previous post, I notice (thanks to Fraser Nelson pointing it out!) that even the Mirror's own polling (by ComRes) shows just a sixth of respondents (17%) thinking that Ed Miliband has turned out to be a good leader, and not much over a third of Labour supporters among those polled holding that view (39%).

That's not good!

It has been a similar story at Ipsos MORI, whose poll just a few days ago showed (among other interesting figures) that only an eighth of Labour supporters think Ed is doing 'excellently', and a full fifth of those same Labour supporters think he is doing a poor job.

That's even worse than at ComRes!

Where else can Red now turn for support, if even the reddest of the red-tops produces this humiliatingly bad result and other pollsters confirm the negative messages?

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