Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Tweet of the day - 29 Dec 2010

From the Labour MP Tom Harris to John Rentoul:

"The AV referendum Labour promised was all about "short term tactical gain" in the first place."

He obviously had a response back from Rentoul, as just a dozen or so minutes later he then tweeted this back to him:

"I don't doubt it, but fact is it was one of GB's bright, last gasp attempts to win over LibDems. Nothing to do with principle."

This is something many of us already knew, of course, but it is good to have a Labour MP admit that this whole "AV referendum manifesto promise" was really just party politics and had nothing to do with improving our country's electoral system.

It is therefore small wonder that 114 (so far) Labour MPs have stated that they will vote No2AV, now that the election is over and they are no longer in government. They probably never believed in the policy in the first place, but were stuck with it pre-election. That no longer applies.

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