Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wanted for questioning

These are fourteen people police want to speak to in connection with the violence at the most recent tuition fees protest. They include those thought to be responsible for the attack on the Prince of Wales's car.

Inevitably the Sunday Mirror is trying to divert attention for partisan ends, blaming David Cameron for the riots we've been having - but that's standard fare for that kind of rag. If any individual is to blame for the tuition fees situation, it is Blair & Brown and their Labour cabinet colleagues at the time - no-one else is responsible for our even having tuition fees and top-ups, let alone putting the country into such a financial state that they cannot be scrapped or left as they are, and won't be for years.

Of course, all that is ignored by those using the issue as a political weapon, as had always been intended by corrupt Labour.

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