Sunday, 26 December 2010

The N[eg]ativity according to Labour

Political Scrapbook - a lefty blog-site - has predictably enough written a modern-day version of the Nativity pitching the Coalition's leading lights in a negative manner. It's fairly dire stuff, and unsurprisingly is based on the diversionary tactic" of highlighting any public spending reductions or changes and saying how "nasty" they are. They equally predictably) term them "Tory cuts" as a further deflection from reality, trying to re-write recent history.

Well, of course, as anyone not ignorant or dishonest already knows, spending cuts are a direct result of Labour's spendthrift nature and excessive borrowing/debt - that is the one-and-only "switch" that means cuts or no cuts. There is no other significant component.

We know all of that, and how reconfiguring services and the rest can (and generally seems to be) an opportunity to improve them and tailor them better to actual needs, not as a Labour vote-recruitment exercise as most of Labour's policies always were at their core.

Now, if I were to concoct a similar story, but far more truthfully, I'd have to point out that Jesus was no Socialist and would never have approved of much of what Labour has done and still intends to do if ever returned to national government.

For example, useless go-between officials, intruding and interfering in everyone's lives at considerable cost were anathema to him, which is why he overturned the money-changers' tables at the synagogue. Today we have no end of similar bureaucrats, all living off the public purse - though at least that is now being addressed, but only because of the change of government away from Labour.

While respecting authority and law-givers, Jesus did not approve of the abuse or misuse of power to allow those in charge to benefit from enslaving, over-taxing or otherwise diminishing the people at large.

Jesus also would not have approved of his followers being marginalised by an anti-Christian government agenda, and indeed having his followers targeted more or less freely by preachers of hate from other faiths that had been allowed to be distorted (by Satan and compliant evil men) in that direction. Again, that is now changing in Britain, if slowly, but it never did and never would have done at all under Labour: the trend was a worsening one, and that would have continued.

There are dozens of other examples I could cite, but I'm sure you've got the idea.

As always, Labour and the left are dishonest, nasty, and the real cause of most of our ills, and no-one with any sense will surely ever want them in charge or trust them again, on anything - even blog posts!

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