Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The easiest prediction

Yes, I have for some time predicted that 2011 will be the real battleground between the Communists (and suchlike) and the Government. The student riots were just the precursor, and now that those pulling the strings and manipulating protests into violent conflicts can move to the next phase.

With the positioning of Len McCluskey as the Unite union's new General Secretary, preparations can now begin in earnest for next year's planned (and far worse than what we have seen to date) clashes between the political left and right - for that is what this is really all about, an ideological war using the gullible and the malleable as pawns against the elected Coalition (if not elected specifically on that basis) Government and, as always with the left, putting their own agenda above the interests of the nation.

Well, at least they're consistent!

McCluskey's predictable offerings, reported in The Guardian over the past weekend, show this very clearly. Even allying with the students is included, rather giving the game away to anyone sharp-minded enough to have foreseen that connection. We saw it coming, and knew all along!

Reading through the Guardian article I linked to above, including the bullet points in the latter half, demonstrates that this is indeed a political and not a genuine Union exercise: there are several give-aways in there. It demonstrates what those of us who were around  in the 80s well recall: public sector Union leaders don't have to be very bright, merely militant lefties (preferably Communists or equivalent)!

Anyway, we're in for at least one year of really nasty stuff going on, so gird your loins (or whatever one does these days) because it could in just a few weeks from now.

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