Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Left are weaklings

It has occurred to me just how weak the political left really are - and they obviously know it.

The clues to this are very clearly shown in the methods they employ to maintain any kind of significant foothold in the political arena.

They need indoctrination of the young and impressionable via lefty teachers and uni lecturers; they need the Unions; and they need (heavily-Unionised) largely friendly big media, especially the broadcasters such as the BBC.

They also need bullying tactics and being truly nasty; they need dishonesty and deception as a way of life; and they need their standard tools of stealing as much as they can get away with from everyone else to fund their schemes and propaganda.

They also desperately need intimidation and fear to silence those who would dare to speak truth, as Harriet Harman's so-called "equalities" agenda has demonstrated very clearly. Their often extremely nasty behaviour and attitude shows their true nature as desperate and weak bullies, as any psychologist would be able to confirm.

There must by now be thousands of examples on record somewhere that could be compiled onto a suitable website (i.e. not a blogsite, which is the wrong format for this) as a definitive and authoritative verification of this. All of these are very well documented, are generally obvious to anyone paying any real attention, and have been going on in this country (and others around the world) for decades.

They don't have what it takes to deal with reality, so they try to subvert language to mean what they want it to mean (another known psychological deception trick) and therein lies another very obvious clue. We just need to be sufficiently attention to pick up on these things when they occur. The word "progressive" is this year's best example of this trickery.

Without these manipulative tools, and the backing of corrupting and subversive organisations such as Common Purpose and their buddies, they would be nowhere. Humanity, in its enlightened state, naturally shies away from the political left, despite the way the lefties try to dress up their true motives and intentions to suggest they are "for the people" - which they never really are. It's the soft-sell approach, and it's fake.

It takes a lot of force and coercion, fear and intimidation, manipulation and psychological trickery to gain any kind of significant standing in the political arena, and this is nowadays better appreciated since online resources have exposed Common Purpose, the Frankfurt School agenda and many other lefty subversion methodologies that are being put into practice right now in many parts of the world, though thankfully not so much here in Britain since last May.

Even here, though, the placemen are still at work and the seeds sown during the Labour years are still proving troublesome weeds to kill off. Some (UKIP supporters in particular) still haven't sussed this out properly, and shoot themselves in the foot by using it as a stick with which to beat the Conservatives who - for all their faults - remain the only hope for Britain. Perhaps those UKIP mental children will grow up one day, instead of bolstering the left which is all they do in practice: one can but hope so...

We know from our school-days not to put up with bullies, and that they are cowards and weaklings when one looks behind the fa├žade. That's how we must always face up to the political left, whether politicians, media, think tanks, unions or whatever. They are all the same, because if they hadn't been so, they would no longer be supporters of (and working for) the left. It is as black-and-white as that!

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