Sunday, 19 December 2010

Red the monk

It's such a pity that The Times has vanished behind a so-called 'paywall', as it still has some good material (though it has been somewhat variable in quality for several years). The latest is a couple of quotes from Labour MPs regarding their current leader, Red Ed.

Fortunately, for the non-subscribers among us, Peter Hoskin at The Spectator has those quotes for us; so as they are now out in the public domain I copy them below.

First MP:
"We've got a new nickname for him: the monk, because he wants two years of quiet contemplation to work out what he's going to do." 
(Ha ha! I like it!)

Second MP:
"I give him 18 months. Tops."
As for the first of those: anyone who supported Bonkers Brown cannot be entirely sane, so as a kind of 'mad monk' perhaps Ed Mili should be known as Redsputin. I am tempted to refer to him thus in future...

I think the second of the above comments is more accurate than might be thought by some pundits, for the reasons I have spelled out before - once he has enacted Union-favourable reforms within the Labour party so that the big Unions can take over completely then Red can be dumped, probably to be replaced by one of their recently-elected people such as Jack Dromey. That might look to be a strange choice, by the way; but if it does happen remember where you read it first!

If however he isn't shunted out at or around that time, then my original thoughts (based on the sheer difficulty there is under Labour's constitution in getting rid of a leader) stand, and he will remain in place until after the 2015 General Election (on the assumption that it doesn't come sooner than 2015).

Meanwhile, in traditional Communist tradition, Red seeks to manipulate language to convey the message he wants people to hear. Instead of "the Coalition Government" (its correct title) he wants to change this, via Labour MPs, to "the Tory-led Government". "Tory" isn't really a valid name anyway, though convenient as shorthand, and certainly isn't correct as a party of government name, even in part. Thus we again see the perpetual dishonesty of Red Labour, reverting to its old trickery. Instead of policies, Red Ed has only Cultural Marxism (of which language manipulation is a part) to offer...

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