Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Ed Miliband's "blank sheet of paper" policy (or lack of one!) now brings forth a new website, Fresh Ideas (don't laugh) in which we the public are invited to write his new policy platform for him (I said don't laugh!) for some reason.

He seems to be bringing nothing as a foundation upon which to build his party's new policies.

A sensible method would have been to have kept to his party's core policy drivers, if not necessarily the actual policies as they have been, and listened to the public to help inform those policies and perhaps even (occasionally) turn up a brand new idea. The only one he has kept (or at least said that he is keeping) is the 50% higher income tax rate.

This blankety-blank style just adds to Red's lack of credibility, as he has of substance to say for himself and is therefore not really a leader, merely a populist follower.

Even more crucially, it shows he doesn't have any understanding of how governing a country works, and the interaction of different policies both in UK isolation and within the international situation. These are real-world matters that he simply isn't facing; and it's a safe bet that he'll get not only diametrically-opposing policy ideas, but also incompatible ones across policy areas and within international scenarios such as the EU, NATO, the UN and the rest.

The well-known ditherer and policy vacuum, Ed Miliband, is doing himself and his party no favours. Each new 'initiative' such as this (already being described as 'platitudinous' in some quarters) will give supportive bloggers and Twitterers on the political left something about which to write for a few days, trying to spin it as something that gives a vague impression of importance and seriousness, but no amount of hype by them is going to conceal the shallowness and futility of these publicity-seeking exercises that have no meat in them to start with.

They will, all too obviously, show that Red Ed has nothing to offer and is completely clueless. He has nothing to offer in and of himself.

There is no other way to look at it!

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