Saturday, 18 December 2010

If you really want to know

"Look in the Mirror". So went the old slogan for the Daily Mirror, though it is generally regarded as just about the worst of the red-tops in terms of partiality and sheer spin. As good buddies of Labour (which in itself tells us a lot!) they spin for them all the time, and exemplify all that is bad about the political left.

For sheer delusional writing, Gordon Brown's piece in today's Mirror (though seemingly credited to one Barry Rabbetts!) takes the biscuit. Of course, there is no editorial critique of this typically Gordon-esque column, which isn't that unusual; but there also aren't any comments being allowed - I wonder why...

As for the content: as always with Brown, he seems to think that he knows what he is and has been doing, he has the answers and the thirteen years of Labour in government were the "right" way for the country. Now he is having a go at the Coalition Government for trying to sort out the mess he left behind. It really is delusional stuff and with nothing new to say, though no doubt it'll be lapped up by that rag's readership such as it is. The rest of us will recognise it for what it is; and Fraser Nelson has Tweeted that it demonstrates "Brown's single most defining quality: shamelessness."

Of course, if Brown really wanted to know the truth about the problems facing this country, all he has to do is follow the advice in that old slogan and look in the mirror.

Not that he is the only Labour MP still trying to suggest black is white. Gisela Stuart has today Tweeted:
"cameron still hasn't got it about Europe. We want a reduction of the budget!"
Interesting, isn't it? Labour were the ones signing treaties, allowing huge budgetary inflation within the EU and increasing our contribution during the preceding dozen years or so. David Cameron has achieved something akin to a budget freeze in the EU for a number of years to come, and is the only one to do so since the days of John Major! With all that had been set up by Labour beforehand, and with the sheer weight power of the EU bureaucracy, this is a considerable achievement and will suffice for today.

No doubt this is the first milestone in a long programme of reforms and changes to be tackled...

What's wrong with these Labour people? Oh yes, their whole philosophy is based around spin, lies and deception, so I suppose this shouldn't come as a surprise. If only people in the country weren't still taken in by them, in large enough numbers to make a real difference, we'd be rid of them as none of them would ever be voted in as an MP or anything else.

I do wish people would learn this lesson and learn it well: Labour have dishonesty institutionalised in their party, and it will probably never change!

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