Saturday, 2 October 2010

Welfare reform

Today's biggest news has been the proposed reform of the country's welfare system. It looks to be really good, undoing the damage of the Labour years and much more.

It will sweep away the huge and confusing complexities of the present bloated system (and I know people who have been unable to understand the way it works now, and have lost out as a result) and be a lot fairer in a genuine sense, rather than the manufactured and contrived variety of "fairness" put about by Labour, which was nothing of the sort.

The new streamlined system will be introduced over two parliaments, so won't be a sudden shock and up-front costs will be spread over a period of time. That makes a lot of sense as well.

In tomorrow's News of the World, David Cameron touches on this and a number of other matters in an interview with David Wooding (the head of the paper's political team), although the full interview isn't online but will appear in the print version.

No doubt the Lefties will bleat and howl; but what is planned is really what the welfare system was always supposed to be, not what it became under successive governments, especially Labour ones. It is very good news and fulfils promises made by Cameron and others now in government, most notably Ian Duncan Smith.

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