Monday, 4 October 2010

Question Time

I hate that BBC television programme and tend to avoid it, and from the statistics posted at Biased-BBC yesterday I can see exactly why I feel that way! The bias in favour of Labour (and to some extent other lefty parties) and against the political right is evident, even in the old information provided in that post, which is by Beeb Bias Craig, who is now posting at Biased-BBC since having closed his own blog soon after the May general election.

His findings, from re-watching and timing/counting various aspects of each of the Question Time programmes for the six months before the election, cover numbers of interruptions of each panel member, how many supplementary questions were asked, and a range of other interesting facts and figures. For example, of the eighteen most interrupted panellists, ten are Conservatives, four are Liberal Democrats, UKIP's Nigel Farage is in the list twice for some reason, there was one Green, and finally one from TUV, which stands for "Traditional Unionist Voice" (Northern Ireland).

Note that there's no-one from Labour in that list!

Do also read the comments, including more recent figures from Craig. Nothing has changed at Question Time since May, and it's just as biased today as it was pre-election.

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