Friday, 8 October 2010

Clip of the conference

Now this is telling it how it really is in Britain's education system after Labour got at it!

This truly amazing lady turns out to be Miss Snuffleupagus or Snuffy for short, which at the time I watched this (live) I had not realised. Her blog, "From Miss with love", has had to be taken down (though some of it is cached here) and the lady herself is now on what some call gardening leave while her future is decided by her employing school's governors and Head.

That news is hardly surprising: the Head Teacher (rather pretentiously called "Executive Headteacher" - perhaps "Commissar" might be more accurate) was previously the head of the school that, during that time, the same lady gave her permission for it (St Saviour's and St Olave's) to be used to launch Labour's 2001 General Election campaign, and those two schools have other aspects in common too, as Woman on a Raft reports.

Yet it was not about this school that Snuffy was writing on her blog, having moved there just three weeks ago, and having kept all school and pupil identities hidden through descriptive pseudonyms. The anecdotes were from years ago, and the faces shown no longer exist (they've changed with age). It is notable that Snuffy's current school is situated within Harriet Harman's parliamentary constituency. The school's action is political vindictiveness, nothing else, though there will no doubt be convenient excuses made for it.

Snuffy's school's web site now has several pages that are blank apart from a message saying: "This page is currently been updated, check back again soon." Well, that's a really impressive standard of English for an Academy!

Do read Cranmer's pieces on what Miss Snuffy has done and has had done to her, and the comments to each, from some of which I have lifted snippets/links to help make this post more complete.

The Mail also has quite a good, factual write-up.

UPDATE: Katharine is to return to work! There has been a Facebook campaign started with the aim of achieving just this result, which I was thinking of joining, but there doesn't seem to be any point or need now.

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