Saturday, 23 October 2010

BBC bias message goes mainstream

After all these years of dedicated individuals monitoring and cataloguing the BBC's blatant left-wing bias, such as the Biased-BBC team or Not-A-Sheep, with this past Thursday's Question Time it was so extreme that even the national press has taken notice.

This Daily Mail article is very telling indeed; and while the programme is still available via the BBC's time-limited iPlayer we can all see what was going on for ourselves. One has to take mental step back from the action and suss out what is really going on - not with a pre-conceived notion or expectation, but just watch how events are manipulated in pursuit of the Beeb's left-wing, anti-Tory agenda. It's quite obvious!

Even the seating layout of the panel, quite apart from who is frequently interrupted and questioned in a manner different from certain other panel members, and the "I can see it coming" ambushes for the lone Tory on the panel, Philip Hammond, are there for anyone to see, once one is in the right frame of mind.

Of course, most viewers will just suck it up in the way they are meant to: remember, these are experienced media people operating here, and they know how to produce an outcome they want, not an honest one. They are corrupt, abusing their access to mass media (as tax-payers' legally-enforced expense) to peddle their own propaganda under the guise of "impartial reporting".

It is no less dishonest and dishonourable than Pravda famously was during the USSR years, and no-one with any integrity would have anything to do with it.

Remember that whenever watching or listening to any BBC output, and not only news and current affairs - even children's TV on the Beeb is infested with their political agenda!

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