Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hamlets, but no cigar!

As a South Londoner born and bred, I do keep an eye on what is happening in various parts of London, just in case anything somewhere else should spread to my local borough.

One thing I do not wish to see is the set of antics perpetrated by Labour candidates, members and factions in Tower Hamlets regarding their election for a directly-elected mayor. Andrew Gilligan, who is one of my favourite journalists for London matters, has been covering the story of one Lutfur Rahman for some time, and has written several articles of his findings.

It is an interesting exercise to go through all of them, but I think most people won't be that 'involved' that they'd want to do so. I therefore recommend starting at the first of the five September articles, working through them and the one today in date order, skipping less interesting parts (such as fine detail) in order to get the core story itself firmly in one's mind.

I suppose the message that could be sent to Tower Hamlets Labour is:
Crass, and no cigar!

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