Thursday, 14 October 2010

Garbage goes in the bin

Perhaps as many as a hundred and eighty (update: we now know it will be 192) quangos are to be scrapped shortly, and many others reformed/combined. The full list of this wave will be published tomorrow, but it looks almost certain to include such wastrels as the Health Protection Agency, the School Food Trust and the Sustainable Development Commission.

There are plenty more.

Good riddance to what will be largely if not entirely rubbish, I say! We have survived as a species for untold generations without needing an "agency" to tell us what to do and to override the democratically-elected representatives of communities with their diktats.

Regional Assemblies, nannying outfits and similar can therefore go without anyone in those communities mourning their passing, as well as all those sector-specific intrusive outfits that no sensible society needs or wants. No-one elected them, and they cannot therefore be kicked out of office by the populace, at the ballot box.

All we'll need to do next is to get out of the EU and that will be the end of nannying and dictatorial busybodies trying to rule our lives and costing a fortune in the process.

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