Friday, 1 October 2010

Council spending transparency

So, Hammersmith and Fulham - once upon a time a Labour-run council but now Tory-run - is not only the most efficient council in Britain, but is also shortly to become the most transparent in its spending of council-taxpayers' money.

The Spikes-Cavell system they are going to use looks to be ideal for this purpose, and easy for the public to access and see exactly what is going on. There is also the BIOLAP system that around sixty councils already use for publishing details of payments over £500, as per the new government's requirement on all councils.

All this is very promising, and I look forward to my own local council informing its council-taxpayers that it has put its own payments etc online and how to access that information.


  1. BIOLAP already has details of more than 70 Councils' payments to suppliers over £500 on its free Council Expenses Dashboard at -

    Users can slice and dice, compare and sort the data as well as drill through to underlying transactions.

    BIOLAP is a BI Consultancy practice specialising in Planning, Analysis and Reporting solutions.

  2. Thank you for updating my reference to BIOLAP. It's all happening out there in council-land!