Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Tee-Bee Gee-Bees

The TB (Tony Blair) / GB (Gordon Brown) relationship during the ten years they were in government together is well known, with books by Blair and Mandelson having confirmed what many already knew.

Now yet another memoir is about to be published, and is being serialised in the weekend Guardian. The headline there this evening is based on the claim that Blair was behind David Cameron becoming Tory party leader five years ago. There seems to be a suggestion of some kind of promise that David Davis was to get that job, though how Blair was supposed to have engineered that is not disclosed. It was probably just one of Gordon's (many) fantasies.

There are mentions of Brown's efforts to bring down Tony Blair, even taking rare delight in the news that Blair was under personal terrorist threat to his life. The Gorgon seems to have hated just about everyone, though only because they were obstacles or opposition to his ultimate goal of power for himself and himself alone.

He must have been (perhaps still is) close to clinical insanity. His known mood swings, temper and strange behaviour / body language are very good indicators of a very much troubled individual. Guido always called him "bonkers", and he probably wasn't far off the mark. It would seem that this book will only serve to reinforce that assessment.

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