Monday, 11 October 2010

Austin (on) Powers

Austin Mitchell meets Tory Bear? Surely not!

The long-serving Labour MP Austin Mitchell has issues with Ed Miliband's appointments to the Shadow Cabinet, including Alan Johnson as shadow chancellor. He starts well enough, and I can understand and agree with both these sentiments...
"The PLP dealt you a poor hand in the Shadow Cabinet shower. No reason for turning a problem into a disaster."
 Then he goes a bit egocentric...
"You should have consulted me."
Why him, of all people? He continues a little later with...
"There’s now more talent on the backbenches – me, Blunkett, Hain, Darling, Woodward, and Straw."
Note who is first in that list: "me"!

Oh well, I'm sure he's only trying to be helpful to the new Dear Leader!

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