Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Conservative conference on public services

Very good session indeed, this morning. Yes, the ministerial teams were excellent, but the best contributions came from guest speakers from schools, voluntary organisations, and even one from Harlem (the unmissable Geoff Canada, pictured here).

They are definitely worth catching, especially him and a one-time Socialist deputy head teacher named Katharine. They both got standing ovations, and I wasn't at all surprised!

The ideas and policies being pursued for the public services are actually very good overall. No doubt some will need a little fine-tuning here and there, but they will lay the foundation for a much better structure that in beneficial to the country and its people rather than bureaucrats and lawyers.

The unmistakable impression that one gains from watching and listening to the session, and especially the testimony of the various guest speakers "telling it like it is" as Michael Gove promised us, is that the coalition government is well on course for taking the nation in the right direction for the first time in something over a decade.

They even had very credible answers to all the complaints by the lefty doom-sayers, and dealt with much of their negativity within the discussions, including questions from delegates to the conference. All in all, this was perhaps the most impressive and attention-grabbing session of the conference so far.

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