Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Cameron's speech

Below is a video of David Cameron's 53-minute speech to the Conservative conference this afternoon. It did the job on the whole, and seemed appropriate to the circumstances: not a full-blown barnstormer, but with enough meat for the public & media and enough Labour-bashing party politics for the party faithful in the hall.

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Benedict Brogan in the Telegraph appears to have the nest assessment of what is really going and what lies in store for us, the government, and David Cameron personally. For example, did you know that he is privately resigned to being a single-term Prime Minister? I didn't.

Here is a collection of reactions to the speech. I don't think there's anything useful to be gained from taking much notice of the Labour people's contributions: they are predictably negative, but are perhaps useful to have included for the sake of breadth of opinion.

Also, here is their latest party political broadcast.

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