Friday, 19 November 2010

Royals are parasites

So claimed the leader of Bury Council's Labour Group , as reported earlier today by a Bury Lib Dem councillor, Tim Pickstone. That blog post indicates that the said leader, one councillor Mike Connolly, has been "trying to cover his tracks" ever since making the statement on Facebook a few days ago. Another Bury Lib Dem councillor, Richard Baum, has the story of what happened.

Okay, this might turn out to be a non-story when one reads what councillor Baum suggests might be what triggered the comment, but it still sounds rather nasty and typical leftie as well (they don't like anyone except themselves in charge of anything, and only they and and their buddies are to be able to take from the public purse). Here is the comment, which refers to Prince William's forthcoming wedding:
"Will these multi-millionaire parasites be paying for their own wedding?"
Feel free to make up your own mind what you think about this!

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