Monday, 8 November 2010

Mili Mini

So, Ed Miliband's new baby has now arrived in the world! It's his second son; and already blog threads are speculating on what name(s) he might be given.

Waiting for the happy event could explain why Ed-M hasn't been around and participating in political life these last few days; but it seems that no official announcement to that effect was ever made, so we all assumed he was still on duty. Sloppy organisation!

Anyway, he is now taking a couple of weeks off, I understand, for paternity leave. That's fair enough, and at least the country won't particularly miss him, so he doesn't need to worry or feel guilty. He can concentrate on doing whatever it is that parents do in the first couple of weeks of a baby's arrival these days. Probably much the same as we did, but we didn't have on-line shopping and the like when my sprog was born so it won't be quite the same..

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