Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ed in the clouds

The media reception to Ed Miliband's attempted re-launch of Labour is not exactly warm so far, from both left- and right-supporting newspapers.

The Telegraph's Simon Heffer believes it will get him only so far, while The People's man in Westminster, Nigel Nelson, was not impressed with Red Ed's vague generalisations. They are both quite short (the latter contains lots of white space so looks longer than it really is) so it's worth spending a couple of minutes reading each.

Heffer thinks that Labour's poll ratings will descend again once Mili-E does say saying something definite (though I am not convinced of this, as there are other factors at play and coming along real soon now); and Nelson opines that Ed's "well-meaning waffle" will negate his positive attributes, saying that "He has the intelligence, the character, the personality and the heart to be a great Prime Minister."

Now that last bit is a debatable view, but I'll let it stand for now!

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