Saturday, 6 November 2010

It's a cracker!

Well, certainly a firecracker, as Richard Littlejohn writes in his usual uncompromising style column about the "nasty little country" that Britain became during the Labour years, the main story relating to a 2004 Act of Parliament concerning fireworks.

The tale of a "ratting-on-your-neighbours hotline", what looks like it could well have been a neighbour with whom the victim had already had a dispute, and police who were perfectly prepared to spend time and effort on a trivial matter while real criminals go uncaught, is so characteristic of many I have read about all over the on-line community.

Traditional media, bloggers, social networking, the bloke in the pub - you name it, I've probably had at least one real-life experience recounted that is in the same general category as the Littlejohn-reported fireworks one.

It will take a long, long time to unravel all the bad stuff that Labour built into our nation's legislature and procedures, and the police are almost certainly as riddled with Common Purpose and other such subversives as the rest of the public sector has become, so I don't expect to be able to trust the police again for many years to come.

Until that time, and even beyond, we need the Littlejohns of this world to keep reporting such incidents and reminding us of what is still going on in this "nasty little country" as he puts it - Labour's legacy Britain.

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