Friday, 26 November 2010


"Red" Ed Miliband is rapidly being sussed out as an ineffective Labour party leader with no real ideas or sense of direction, and in reality a pawn of the Unions who put him in his present elevated position.

This is not exactly surprising news, but it is useful to see how short a time it has taken for some truths to emerge, and for Ed-M to look increasingly out of touch and floundering. Quite apart from the problems with (now several) Shadow Cabinet members expressing different views from his own stated policy position, there have been a fair sprinkling of developments in just the past day or so.

Two indicative articles today have been the Telegraph leader article, pointing out very effectively how John Major (of all people) is actually far more up-to-date and "with it" than Red Ed, to the point of what must surely be acute embarrassment for the Labour leader; and even the Labour-supporting Financial Times is heavily critical of Ed-M's definition of and attitude towards the "squeezed middle" (as he terms them: others call it "squeezed muddle").

Both those linked articles are well worth reading, as they will help to see just why the Labour head honcho is more like a poncho - a loosely fitting partial garment that flails around (as the FT would put it) in the political wind and that barely covers the essentials.

Ed has also declared himself to be "a Socialist", with considerable pride, so all of this (along with the Union domination) is of a piece, as Labour retreats to its lefty Communist-style roots. The tearing up of all previous policy is an obvious move in that direction - scrapping all the good parts of New Labour (and there were some!) and un-evolving as a political force, going backward and making themselves unelectable for the foreseeable future.

Oh, how sad!

[By the way, this is my hundredth post]

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