Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bad teachers

On the Daily Politics today is the inevitable Union (deputy) leader, trying very hard to support the significant proportion of bad teachers and poor schools, particularly the former.

When Andrew Neil challenged the Union bod regarding the low number of teachers removed (fewer than a hundred nationwide during the past fifteen years), he waffled and provided no answer, just the expected lefty propaganda. Lord (Michael) Howard made the valid point that as two-thirds of schools are judged good, that means that a full third are judged to be not good, which is a terrible statistic.

Next came some typical "cheek by Jowell", as Tessa 'motormouth' Jowell tried (in vain) to justify Labour's record, but Neil has been there and done that, even visiting inner-city Comprehensive schools and finding out for himself what really did go on in those places during the Labour years. As Lord Howard said: it's now time to stop making excuses and find a remedy.

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