Friday, 5 November 2010

Farage back in the garage

It is no particular surprise that the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) has re-elected Nigel Farage to be its new leader.

He has now parked himself back in his earlier 'home' as UKIP leader, fitting there as comfortably as any politician in recent decades has ever done. He was made for the part!

Of course, UKIP remains a fringe party that gets occasionally disproportionate "protest vote" levels, most notably at elections for the European Parliament, but they tend to be their own worst enemies as a small party that likes to attack everyone else. That way they can achieve little at best, and probably nothing of substance in practice.

Even their previous leader, Lord Pearson, for all his faults did at least grasp the concept that it was better to work alongside those of similar political outlook (i.e. the right wing) rather than being a small fish in isolation that is perceived by many potential UKIP voters as nothing more than an "anti-everyone (else)" background noise.

That showed intelligence and understanding by Lord Pearson!

Now they'll probably end up in as stagnant a position as ever, as Farage (for all his plus points) can never be the voice of coalition, of balance and of pragmatism. It is a shame in some ways it is necessary to be so in order to achieve actual results, but that is the real world. Those who fail to understand that will remain more or less in the wilderness for the foreseeable future. They'll make a lot of noise, and have no noteworthy effect.

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