Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Phi Wire

Something I have noticed about Politics Home's Phi Wire of links is that a number of Labour contributors aren't colour-coded with a red bar but a grey one, thus making them look as if they are politically neutral (well, at least nominally, such as the media). This hasn't seemed to apply to any others during the weeks I have noticed this trend, though today for the first time I have seen a Lib Dem (MP Tim Farron) entry also "grey-barred".

It's a crafty way to conceal the strong left-bias of the Phi Wire's editor(s) selection method!

Just now, I spotted Fat McFadden (Labour MP) and Alistair Campbell (Labour again) entries, both coloured grey, at the same time. These were in addition to a Mirror journo, a Guardian columnist and the Lib Dem MP I just mentioned. Par for the course, but worth mentioning.

I have also noticed that even the most frivolous Labour tweets and suchlike are allowed by the editor, and almost anything from Labourite Ben Mosley, whoever he is, whereas lots of serious, important and significant postings by Conservatives and similar are not, even from obvious and well-known sources. One day, when I have a clear schedule, I shall log every entry in the Phi Wire for a whole day, and list it all here. That'll be each poster's name, allegiance, the time  it is posted at Phi Wire, the colour coding, and a brief description of the linked item's content.

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