Monday, 7 February 2011

Tweet of the day - 7 Feb 2011

From Guido, after today's release of the Lockerbie bomber release case documents:

"GUS Lockerbie report: barefaced lying by Brown, Mandelson, Ed Balls and particularly David Miliband - time and time again."

This view has come across strongly from other directions as well. Such phrases as the then Labour government "doing all it could" to facilitate the bomber's release are already floating around, despite it being the devolved Scottish assembly/parliament's job to carry the actual can of releasing the prisoner (another convenience of devolution).

On the other side of the coin: the best the BBC have been able to do, in their attempt to avoid bringing their faves Labour's name into a negative connotation, is to refer only to "the former government". It's just like when they refer to "Asians" in terrorist matters and the like, instead of "Muslims". Dishonest? Misleading? Diversionary? Yes, of course: it's the corrupt BBC!

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