Saturday, 12 February 2011

B is for Bully

It's long been known that Labour's national leadership and its advisers have comprised largely quite nasty bullies, such Brown (Gordon), Balls (Ed) and McBride (Damian) - the three B's, even if one is a 'McB'! We also know (and some of us have known for some time) that the then Labour national government were well aware that their spend-and-borrow policies were heading toward ruin.

It therefore comes as little surprise to discover that Balls at least was involved in bullying the IMF into playing down their reporting of Britain's economic situation. This goes way back to 2004, long before "it started in America" to quote Gordon Brown's frequently-stated disclaimer.

Okay, so we also know that Labour, in common with the political left throughout recorded modern history, are always dishonest because their modus operandi requires it: they cannot function with openness and honesty, and of them, ever. Therefore this is not an amazing new revelation: it's just useful to have documented in such a way as to remove any lingering doubts. It is entirely consistent with my own personal experience of Labour at various levels as well.

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