Thursday, 3 February 2011

Progressive Labour

I wonder whether Guido's rumour is accurate? Is Labour party leader Ed Miliband really thinking of renaming the party Progressive Labour? Kevin "Toilets" Maguire reports on this in a short piece in The Mirror (where else?)

If true, it would certainly be a logical step if one understands what is really going. It is one aspect of what is termed Cultural Marxism to change the meaning of words to suit one's political ends. The two most commonly-encountered examples of this are gay and progressive. Each is intended to convey a positive message, while neither in practice warrants it.

Another good example is Socialism, which as Stalin admitted (in the days before YouTube!) is "the everyday word for Communism". Unfortunately that video is no longer available, otherwise I'd have embedded it right here, as a reminder.

Politically, what progressive means to the left-wingers is more tax, more borrowing, more spending and more favouritism for certain groups of people. It is actually regressive as it always takes the country back to the bad old days of the 1970s and brings us to the brink of national bankruptcy. There is nothing whatsoever of any merit in such a policy direction!

As always with the left, their manipulation of language tries to conceal an outright lie; and the now Marxist-dominated Labour party (especially when one includes its Union funders) would lap up such a change, were it to be proposed by Red Ed.

Personally I'd prefer something like Social Labour, for which the short form could be S-Lab or even Slab; or perhaps Labour Rationalised, or Lab Rat for short...

Only time will tell if this rumour is true, and if so whether it goes anywhere (Mili-E is a known indecisive ditherer, at least as bad as Gordon Brown was); but it has the smell of distinct possibility, so I shall be watching for news...

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