Sunday, 6 February 2011

Labour support Gove proposals

Okay, not all of Labour; but a few weeks ago the former Schools Minister in Gordon Brown's government is on record as agreeing with what Michael Gove is implementing now, including the so-called "free schools" idea.

Today, that has in effect been backed up by Tony Blair's former senior education adviser, Conor Ryan, who goes further and declares Andy Burnham's current objections as "ridiculous". As usual, current (shadow) ministers are just attempting to rubbish anything that the coalition government is doing, because that is their narrow, partisan way.

It just goes to show that those Labour folkare interested only in their own agenda, and not the country's, so have no value whatsoever to the nation. Some of us have known this for years, if not decades; but it never does any harm to have proof positive!

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