Friday, 18 February 2011

Trivia of the day - 18 Feb 2011

From this Tweet by Paul Waugh, we can learn several things:

"Top trivia re new No.10 man Paul Kirby: was among 31K Liverpool council staff sent redundo notices via taxi by DHatton in 80s"

  1. Paul Kirby has been around a while
  2. Liverpool Council employed more than 31,000 people, at public expense, in the '80s
  3. Those redundancy notices were ferried by (expensive) taxis rather than by either ordinary post or the internal mail at the council offices
  4. Those mass redundancies were an earlier example of political manipulation of a situation by the Lefties of the time, just as Lewisham Council is doing now (see my preceding post).

This is useful for us now, as it shows the validity of what I wrote earlier today, and I and others have been saying for a long time. Some of us were around when these earlier anti-Conservative government actions were taken, as a way to create resentment against the Thatcher government of the time by making people suffer (by losing their jobs) largely unnecessarily, and by spending money that could have kept some jobs going on taxi fares instead.

Derek Hatton was as Red as they come, though, and cared nothing for the workforce, only for his own political agenda for which those workers were merely pawns in the game.

As so often happens, a little history serves as a good reminder of what has happened before, that we are seeing again now.

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