Saturday, 12 February 2011

Red E and waiting

Last year, Ed Miliband pulled out of a planned attendance at a Union-based event because of the adverse publicity it would no doubt generate. I think many of us now realise that his ambitions were already in place back then, despite his protestations that he hadn't even thought about standing for the Labour party leadership (a claim that was recently revealed to be, shall we say, misleading) so, with the likelihood of Gordon Brown leaving that position ere long, he changed his mind at that time.

Now, though, he is the leader, and very much indebted to the big Unions for putting him there, so this year he is going to be at the same event, an anti-cuts rally next month, reports The Mail. The proof of the pudding will be to see if he does go, and (if so) in what he does there; but we now have the "heads up" on this, so can watch to see what transpires.

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