Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tweet of the day - 19 Jan 2011

Labour's Alistair Campbell, tweeting as "campbellclaret" (how pretentious is that?):

"Listening to Jo Brand telling great jokes re government at Labour fundraiser"

Now, who else could possibly even consider having the ghastly Jo Brand at such an event? Brand, whose 'humour' revolves primarily around bodily functions and really quite unappetising medical and similar matters.

Talk about dragging down to the lowest common denominator, with the emphasis on "common"! Bad Al Campbell even refers to her material as "great jokes"!

Any decent comedian would be able to find and aim at a point several levels higher than Ms Brand's brand(!) of so-called comedy. Even sniggering schoolboys would be embarrassed! This tells us a lot about Labour, so is well worth my reporting...

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