Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Left behind

Although voting intention figures are (as expected) currently good for Labour, it isn't because the people of Britain believe their tosh about the economy.

Although tribalism undoubtedly plays a part in any poll, so it'll never be clear-cut one way or the other, the one published yesterday by YouGov (PDF file) contains some interesting figures. The Independent's John Rentoul has today tweeted the answer to this question:

"Who do you think is most to blame for the current spending cuts?"

It turns out to be Con-LD coalition 22%; Last Labour government 40%, which is a suitably convincing majority for Labour being the ones blamed by the population at large.

Labour really have much lower credibility than they (and their mouthpieces) like to suggest, as people are no longer being taken in by them. Their good buddy at the huge Unite public-sector Union, Len McCluskey, has been caught out by Channel 4's FactCheck making dodgy claims regarding the nation's deficit and debt, getting a Fiction score on the FactCheck meter.

The deficit turns out to be the largest since 1945 (the end of the Second World War), completely contradicting McCluskey's claim that it "isn't all that big, historically). He wasn't quite as far out with regard to the overall national debt, which is the highest for just forty years or so (viz. since the late '60s). So that's all right then!

Typical lefty! Hasn't a clue, and is either dishonest himself or has been fed duff info by someone else who is either dishonest or just plain incompetent. Whichever way it turns out to be, the message is that these bods have no place commenting on such topics anyway and should never be invited or allowed to do so.

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