Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Jabs for the many?

...or jabs for the 'flu?

Last year it was "jabs for the many", with 'flu as the excuse for jabbing millions of us if they could get at us. Along with expensive advertising from an early stage, the idea was to get the Bilderberg-inspired semi-lethal jabs (or so it is believed by some of those in the know) into a large proportion of the population. It's purportedly all part of the New World Order plan to kill off the majority of the world's population during the next few years.

That exercise seems to have been only a partial success, as although there was a lot of illness produced in a large number of those who were "inoculated", not many actual deaths arose that could be directly attributed to the jabs. Of course, this was probably just a trial at a reduced dosage of poisons such as Mercury (this whole topic has been covered by such as Fausty on several occasions). We are also being "buttered up" for future claimed pandemics and like, no doubt.

I have managed to avoid having any such injections since 1997, as I have long known of Labour's non-public attitudes toward the people of this country and have never trusted them. It is to the present government's credit that they behaved rather differently, and didn't even advertise regarding getting one's 'flu jab until circumstances made it the proper thing to do - i.e. there doesn't seem to have been an ulterior motive behind it.

Now, I am not so naive as to trust these inoculations even now and shall continue to avoid them; but at least I don't expect to be threatened with imprisonment for such avoidance this year, unlike what was being mooted only a year ago!

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