Monday, 24 January 2011

Gordon's time bombs

The excellently-named and generally well-constructed Underdogs Bite Upwards blog-site has a very good post on Gordon Brown's "time bombs" that were set to go off during the current government's period in office though devised and put in place before last May's General Election.

Quite a few commentators were already well aware of Brown's "scorched earth" spending policy at that pre-election time, knowing he was spending public money like there was no tomorrow (which for Brown, thankfully there wasn't), but only a few of them seemed to have cottoned-on to the devious and corrupt plans he was putting in place.

Brown's overriding hatred for the political Right in general, and the Conservatives in particular, wasn't exactly a well-guarded secret. His agenda of everything but everything being about him and dedicated almost exclusively to the pursuance of that agenda, regardless of the cost to everyone else, has become more widely known during the past year or so. The sheer rawness of that manic obsession is now better known than it was while Brown was Chancellor, for example.

That was, and continues to be, sheer evil. Gordon Brown is one of the lowest forms of life I have ever encountered, and should by now have been executed as a warning to all those who would in future seek to abuse their positions for corrupt personal ends at everyone else's expense. As we know, one of Labour's earliest actions when getting into office in 1997 was to change the capital punishment provision for treason, in the full knowledge that they were committing treason every day in office.

It wasn't just the money: it was the selling-out of Britain to the Frankfurt School scheme to destroy our society (sedition and treason) so tht it could be swept up in a "socialist revolution" that would have turned Britain into a Soviet-style dictatorship, with Labour and their cronies at the helm and the rest of us as very much third-class citizens in fear for our lives. That was their plan all along, and we now know this.

All of them should be tried and deealt with under the law that existed before they tampered with it!

Today, as the "Underdogs" blogger has written, even our children are being deliberately subverted, which just goes to show the sheer depths of evil into which these filthy Communists (for that is what Labour truly are) have been prepared to descend. All of them were complicit in the decade-long programme that brought us to this point, and all of them need to be tried and dealt with appropriately.

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